Monday, 1 February 2010

Black Tide by James Swallow

I got quite angry at the Black Library when reading Black Tide, as why when James Swallow can write novels as fantastic as this do they not get him to write for them more often!

Black Tide takes up the story from Red fury in a most unexpected way. A brutally traumatised and experimented upon Tau moving through the wreckage of a Tau colony finds himself face to face with the Blood Angels on the trail of Fabius Bile, but after being assaulted by hordes of experimented and mutated Tau and Vespid all they find is a taunting note from their quarry. Can they find him in time before Bile uses the blood of their primarch to carry out his evil plans?

I wasn't overly fond of Red Fury as i felt there was far too much talk and the least said about the " scooby doo villian" reveal of Bile the better, however I loved Black Tide and read it cover to cover in only two sittings.

James Swallows depiction of Fabius Bile is fantastic. The reveal of 'his evil plot' in the hands of a lesser writer could have turned into a parody of Dr evil style plan, but it doesn't. Yes the plan of tracking the genetic lineage of every space marine chapter back to the primarchs and from them to their "father" so Bile can create his own clone of the Emperor is a outlandious one but you get the horrified feeling that Bile could really pull it off. Plus the scene between Rafen and Bile where Rafen dismisses his words as the ravings of a traitor is downright chilling as we know something Rafen doesn't. Bile isn't lying.

The character of Rafen is also advanced nicely and if the Blood Angels series is to continue I hope at some point we may get to see him appear in a codex. You can really feel his anger and drive as he struggles to complete his quest and you can also feel his frustation as he 'kills' Bile for the third time only to face off against him yet again moments later learning the hardway that there's a reason this evil fiend has plagued the galaxy for so long.

The Flesh tearers also make a reappearence helping the Blood Angels on their quest with vital information allowing them to locate Biles base of operations which leads to a whole host of tantalisingly unanswered questions. How did the Flesh tearers know this information? And how do they know what the Blood Angels are up to?

Black Tide is also chock full of great visuals. Space Marine Strike cruisers fighting againist a space station which literally 'harpoons' them with giant harpoons and massive chairs, a orbital drop as a space station breaks apart around them and a underwater battle againist giant Tyranids creatures trying to eat the Marines! And lets not forget Fabius Biles lab in the middle of a Tyranid over run planet, a Dr moreau for the 41st Millenium.

There are a couple of small negative points. The discovery of a submarine which can make a orbital drop is a big case of Deux Ex , the Blood Angels 'technical' fulfilment of the quest and the epilogue which just screams set up for the next novel.

However this minus points don't detract from the novel overall. The Blood Angels series has certainly hit it's stride. The only thing which worries me with this novel is with the high quality of releases from the Black Library it seems to have gotten lost as I can't remember seeing any marketing push for it like Rynns World or Sons of Dorn at all which is a shame as this book doesn't deserve to become a lost gem.

A five out of five. Go read it now!

Rynn's World by Steve Parker

Writing about a existing and much loved story is very much a double edged sword. Although you don't have to come up with the story yourself woe betide you if you get anything wrong as the knives will soon be out drawn by ardent fans.

Which is why Steve Parker must have felt a little nervous writing about the story of Rynn's World and the almost total destruction of the Crimson Fists. This story has been a part of Warhammer 40,000 mythos ever since the Rogue trader rulebook hit the shelves. Add into the fact that it was his first full length novel about Space marines and the opening novel of a premier new series from the Black Library and you soon realise the incredible amount of pressure he must have been under.

So this make me all the more pleased to say that Rynn's world is a cracking read and a fantastic opening for the Space Marine Battles series. It's also a great example of what I call " Car crash reading", it's like car crash TV, you know what's going to happen but you can't stop reading/watching, especially when the fateful order to open fire with the missile batteries is given and you just want to yell " Stop! That's going to blow something up all right just not want you want"

The novel is well plotted and the characters of the Crimson fists are bought to life in a rounded way that few other writers have managed with Space Marines. Torn between the desire for revenge, their dedication to duty and the urge to protect the population you totally understand Kantors anguish as he realises that he could well be in a no win situation with a ever dimishing number of men.

Captain Cortez is also a well written character and provides a fantastic foil for Kantor, as the two surviving senior officers with a dissenting opinion of what the Crimson Fists need to do in order to survive. It does make you wonder what would have happened if Kantor hadn't survived the destruction of their fortress. Would the Crimson Fists have survived at all? or died in a heroic yet futile last stand.

The only dissapointing thing I found with the novel was the much talked about 'fold out maps' which seem at some point to have simply changed into two colour maps in the centre of the book. Quite why this change happened I have no idea but I barely even glanced at them. If you like that sort of thing you will probably find them fascinating but if not well you might not even look at them.

I have heard that a few people have complained about the number of typos in the novel. I can honestly say that I didn't notice any of them as I was far too caught up in the story. If you donotice anything badly wrong ( like when a Dreadnought charged out of a Land raider in one of the Jonathan green armageddon books) just do what I do and send them a email to let them know. Their only human after all and mistakes happen. Plus if you don't tell them they won't know!

Rynn's world is a solid start to the Space Marine battles series and has set the bar very high for the authors who will follow. However this also concerns me as well. Rynns world is a well known story in the sense that everyone can tell you what happens to the Crimson Fists fortress ( It's goes bom) but not what happens next. The Helsreach novel by aaron DB ( yes I am cheating there as I can't remember how to spell his name) will probably also benefit from this effect. However story of the third novel in the series " The Hunt for Volodorius" is well documented in the Space Marine codex and Andy Hoare is going to have to do something special to match Rynn's World.

A solid Four out of five.