Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Thunder from Fenris by Nick Kyme

The Black Library continues its expansion into audio book territory with the release of Thunder from Fenris the fourth audio book in their range.

Some what surprisingly this audio book has no connection with the long running space wolf series, it’s not written by one of the authors involved in the Space Wolves series or even features any of the 'main' Space Wolf characters such as Logan Grimnar or Njal Stormcaller.

Although to be fair the last audio book about Blood Angels also had no connection with the long running Blood Angels series either so maybe this is a conscious decision on their part or it’s simply the fact that they couldn’t come up with a decent storyline that would nicely tie in with the series. Instead Thunder from Fenris focuses on a unit of Thunderwolf cavalry. If you’re a Warhammer 40,000 player and have never heard of them, don’t worry. You obviously haven’t picked up a copy of the latest codex.

The Thunderwolf cavalry are basically Space Wolves riding wolves called Thunder Wolves. The Thunder Wolves aren't just aren't any wolves they are huge, nasty creatures as they would have to be able to carry eight four tall power armoured space marines. ( I guess horses couldn't cut it :-)

I did like Nick Kymes very tongue in cheek reference to the fact that they have only just been added to the Space Wolf Codex by describing them as mythical and rarely seen.

The action begins as when searching a planet for any remaining traces of the Chaos powers the Thunderwolfs have to deal with one of their number falling prey to the curse of the 'wulfen', mutating to become wolf then Man. Believing that it will be possible to save him if he is returned to their home quickly enough they discover that the Chaos power Nurgle, the god of Decay still has a presence on the world has no intention of giving this world up without a fight, as one of its most potent plagues is released planet wide. Fast acting and deadly it strikes down everyone from the population through to its army.

However those affected do not stay dead and what does this mean for our heroes? Well I'll give you a clue


Zombies, yes sir lots and lots of zombies. Which does seem to be a bit of a theme at Black Library at the moment with Thunder from Fenris and Cadian Blood both featuring the ‘good guys’ facing off against hordes of zombies.

So can the Thunderwolfs save their comrade and the planet? Well I’ll leave you to find that one out as I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you.

I have to admit I wasn't sure about this audio book at first, especially when the Space wolf with the stereotypical 'arnie' voice first appears. As when I heard him for the first time it set me off having a complete fit of the giggles, luckily I wasn’t driving at the time. But from this shaky beginning the story does improve massively as it goes and has the best ending of any of the BL audio books published to date, even if it is also one of the saddest.

All in all I would have to say that this is a solid effort from Nick Kyme considering this is his First audio book and if he keeps writing like this it will certainly push him up my list of authors to read ( or listen to in this case).

Five out of five from the gabbling Geek.


  1. Sounds nice, looking forward to that audiobook.
    By the way, who is reading it?
    I loved Danny Webb, but sadly he wasn't hired for that Blood Angels-AB..

  2. Toby Longworth, who I think read the Blood Angels Audio book as well

  3. oh, and it's nice to hear him?
    I own the BA-Audiobook since it's out, and until now I couldn't concentrate and hear it from the beginnig to the end =/
    Hope he's better at reading Thunder from Fenris =p