Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hell's Faire by John Ringo.

It’s the 4th book in John Ringo’s Posleen war series and events are coming to a head.

The defences in the USA have been breached. The Aliens are now flooding through a vital pass and seem in danger of over running the last Human held bastions. The end of the War on earth is coming but who will be left holding the smouldering ruins of earth when all is said and done?

We left the series main hero at the end of the previous novel ready to fly with the rest of the unit to a vital pass in an attempt to block the flood of Posleen. Convinced it’s a suicide mission the ACS prepares for a last stand facing odds even worse then those faced by the Spartans.

Their only chance is one of the most powerful human War Machines in existence, the hastily repaired She-va gun nicknamed ‘Bun-bun’. Leading the Human advance on the pass it’s a trace against time. Can the ACS hold out, Can the Posleen over run them and continue their advance and just how much Posleen butt can Bun-bun kick!

This is the last book in this arc of the Posleen war series and the ending is bittersweet as the main character although victorious has seemingly lost everything including most of his family.

However at the want of spoiling things for anybody I won’t say anymore but there is a clue in that last sentence which sets up the next series set in this universe.

Still it is good end to a great series.

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