Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Welcome, Welcome.

Well welcome to “Top of the Reading pile”. This is an idea for a blog I have had simmering away in the deeper dark recesses of my mind for sometime now. The final push to bring this idea out into the ‘light’ as it were was the launch of the new Angry Robot website. What self respecting geek could pass up the chance to join a angry robot army : - )

So what can you expect from Top of the Reading pile? Well I have a lot of books, nearly four book cases worth and this total is being added to all the time. So I will be using this blog to give my opinions on the latest books to join my collection plus some old favourites. Of course I don’t know if anyone will be that interested in my opinion but that’s the joy of the internet it doesn’t matter if anyone cares you can still voice your opinion anyway.

So be sure to check back regularly for my latest book reviews plus any reviews of anything else geeky I might throw in.

I’m also open to suggestions for things to read so please leave me your suggestion and I will attempt to review it as soon as possible.

So until later folks,

I have some reading to do.

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