Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Alison Weir

Well first things first, this book was an easier read then the first book I read by this author. However it is still a quite hard read and as the first book will require a lot of time and focus to read, so don't start this if you want an easy quick read. It's taken me several weeks and as people who know me know, that is a incredibily long time for me.

I found this a much more interesting read then the first book mainly because it went into much more details about Henry VIII's wives then the first book and the book 'got straight into the action' as it were rather then spending lots of time scene setting which was such a problem in the first book.

Both the wives and the politics surrounding each marriage get the same amount of space devoted to them in this book and this really helps the narrative along. You get a real sense of the time and the character of each wife.

As with the first book you will learn a heck of a lot more about the Tudors by reading this then in one episode of the Tudors TV show and from that movie too.

So in conclusion. A very good read, as the author certainly has a gift for making a difficult and sometimes hard to understand period of history come to life.

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